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Why should you have your own blog?

Why should you have your own blog?

Blogging is writing ones opinion and thoughts on a blog or website.  It is more like a diary or journal written on a webpage.  It is basically a personal website managed by an online writer called blogger.  With the instant popularity of social networking sites, blogging have become more popular. Majority now of the populace who have access to mobile phones in some way or another have been doing blogging without being aware of it.  Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are rich platforms for bloggers. But despite of the availability of FREE platforms, why should you learn blogging on your own website not on FREE social media sites? Here are three main reasons why you should have your own blog.

First, you can gain full control of your blog.  When you write your blog on your own website, you are the authority of your own blog pages.  You can position your texts and images on any corner of the page. You can also decide how big the texts and images are and you can fully control its design.  You cannot fully do this on free websites, blogsites and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Second, you can earn from your blog. Most blogs and personal websites generate income thru advertising.  When your blog is hosted free by someone, the privilege of earning from advertising usually goes to the owner of the site.  When your website or blog becomes popular, you don’t own the benefits derived from your efforts and ideas.  It goes to the owner of the site!  So better pay for your blog resources and get the benefits when it becomes popular.  You may be paying for the site but since you will be earning when it is done right, its like you are using your expenses in maintaining your blog as a capital to earn income! So if you want to earn, purchase the tools! At BloggersAcademy we provide a complete set of resources so you don’t need to worry about what to purchase, how to setup and who to help you because everything is taken cared of thru our mentoring program. The best thing is we assist you until your blog earns income.  When your blog averages at US$5 to US$10 a day, you will be earning at MORE THAN 1000% RETURN OF INVESTMENT A YEAR!!!  Isn’t that amazing?

Third, you can eventually learn to code. You may not be able to learn coding at the outset, but because you own the site, you will have full access to all of the web server’s resources, files and databases.  Thus, you can eventually learn to read write and tweak basic codes. If you want to start learning how to code you can upgrade your membership here.

So there you are the three main reasons why you should have your own blog. You might think its expensive or its a waste of money and you are not good at it.  However, with our mentors at BlogersAcademy.Org, you will surely LEARN AND EARN IN NO TIME!  To get you started, you can register a course and we will be personally coaching you from start to finish. We will walk you through the processes and reveal to you all the techniques so that you will learn in no time and start earning your first income in  blogging and you will be on the road to 7-figure income thru blogging!!! UPGRADE HERE NOW!

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