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How to setup a WordPress blog?

Setting up a WordPress blog is easy. Here are the steps in setting up your WordPress blog from scratch to finish. Register a domain name Your domain name serves as the address of your blog or website when people search it on the web. It’s like your home on the internet. Most websites use the …

Blogging Guides Courses

Blogging Basics

Blogging Basics is a tutorial course intended for those who prefer not to upload their own blog immediately but will be able to learn the feel of a real blogger working on a real blog. At BloggersAcademy.Org, we understand the plight and doubts of newbie bloggers.  Many are skeptical that they cannot do it because …


Hostwifi Blogging Solutions

Whether you are a newbie blogger or an expert blogger already, you need to be backed up by a hosting service that offers comparable functionalities but is affordable. Yes, there are a lot of powerful tools on the web, yet the price is skyrocketing. At Bloggers Academy.Org, all our blogs are backed up by cloud …