Blogging Basics is a tutorial course intended for those who prefer not to upload their own blog immediately but will be able to learn the feel of a real blogger working on a real blog.

At BloggersAcademy.Org, we understand the plight and doubts of newbie bloggers.  Many are skeptical that they cannot do it because of the complexities of blogging tasks like creating your own blog, dealing with codes, and most especially paying for an uncertain endeavor. Considering all the doubts of newbies, we designed Blogging Basics. When you avail this course, we will provide you a practice account where you can upload your practice articles and manage the pages, including adding your featured images. We will also assist you to publish your work and position your ads on the page.

If interested in this course, you don’t have to worry about fees. All you have to do is drop us an email at and inform us your interest to learn.

Next, register at our blog for you to be given a page to manage and practice your craft. You can upload practice articles, design the page and position ads as you wish. That way, you can practice the skills that you need when you will be uploading your own blog.

Sounds cool? Drop us a message now at!