Blogging tutorial is the best way to learn how to start blogging. How do you create a blog in a fast and easy way? Of course, have a blogging mentor. Consider having a blog mentor if you really intend to become a blogger. It’s not always expensive to have a mentor. BloggersAcademy.Org actually offers free blogging tutorials. Here is how.

We help you create a relevant domain

How to create a relevant domain? This is the question that many aspiring bloggers are asking. Among the tips, you need to remember in crafting a relevant domain are the following:

Make sure your domain reflects your niche.

To reflect your niche through your domain name, at least the main keyword should be found in the domain name itself. For example, at BloggersAcademy.Org, we help newbies and aspiring bloggers create their own blogs.  As you search for blogging tutorial services, our site will come up in the search result. While you scan the result, you see our domain BloggersAcademy.Org. Now you know that this domain is about blogging. This would help convince users to click on the link presented on the result.

Make sure your domain is short and easy to remember.

If your domain is short and easy to remember, it will be remembered by users in a simple recall. When they think of what they want to do, like “learn to blog”, they may think of “bloggers academy” at once. So they would type on the search bloggers academy and our site would come up on the result. That’s the power of a short simple and relevant domain.

We provide affordable web hosting services.

BloggersAcademy.Org, provides an affordable yet powerful hosting platform. Our main concern is security. We understand that your blog is the result of the great effort you put into your passion. So, we want to provide you the best hosting services that you deserve. We utilize the Hostwifi cloud platform to host your blog.

We setup your blog in minutes

Among the biggest fears of bloggers is how to setup their blogs. At BloggersAcademy, we hand you over your blog already setup and ready to write on.

We help you layout your menus

Your menus play a vital role in your page layout. So, with our expertise, you will not be lost setting up your menus.

We help you design your pages

As you start blogging, you may not still be familiar with the design jargon. We got you covered. We design the basic pages and we guide you on how to create pages and how to make posts.

We provide you consultancy services

As you create your blog, you surely encounter problems. We will make sure that you understand what is going on in your blog.

We help you create SEO-friendly articles

Going up the search results in Bing, Yahoo, and Google is the most important aspect of SEO. We have mastered that without spending on SEO services.

We scan your website

Malware and viruses penetrate websites in different channels. It may come from the plugins we use, or malicious codes injection on websites. If you are not aware of these threats, if may waste all you efforts when hackers have penetrated already on the site. Malicious codes are able to redirect your sites, or even delete your files. You don’t like this to happen. At BloggersAcademy.Org, we make sure your blog is free from malwares and viruses by scanning them at the first occurrence of threat.

We backup your blog regularly

Backups lighten your effort in putting your blog online again in case your site got destroyed by viruses, malwares or hackers. The latest backup may not be complete but you can be sure that the major job of getting back online is done easily. Backups include database, files and image uploads, and comments on your blog.

We make sure you start earning with your blog on day 1

Earning online through your blog is the most important facet of your blogging experience. Passion is rewarded through your blog income. But earning may come after few months when you create your blog. At BloggersAcademy.Org, we make sure that on day 1, you are ready to earn through your blog. We teach you ways on how to do it and walk you through on the steps you need to take on. So worry no more if you have BloggersAcademy as your blogging mentor.

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