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Image designs like banners, featured images and thumbnails are integral parts of blog post articles. They add up to the attractiveness and clickability of an article. Carefully designed images attracts readers to click on an article and add up to traffic generation. Part of attractive designs are fonts used in the titles and captions of […]
Do you want people to buy your products, agree on your ideas, or patronize your events? Whether you market ideas, goods or events in your blog you need to sell like a Pro in order to accomplish your objectives. Here are steps that you can follow in order to sell like a Pro through your […]
PROBLEM:  Safe Mode cannot be turned off on Samsung Galaxy Android Phone. SOLUTION: Press the power button and the lower audio button simultaneously until your device restarts. Have you been experiencing trouble turning off the “Safe Mode On” on your Samsung Galaxy A50 mobile phone? This happens when you accidentally pressed buttons that lead to […]
Blogging can be very intimidating without a complete and easy to follow blogging guide. Our commitment at BloggersAcademy.Org, is to make sure you are able to start creating your blog, and monetize it as soon as possible. This way, your blog will not become a burden on your part, instead, it will become a source […]