Are you planning to create a blog, yet you have some doubts if you can become successful or not? Or have you started researching on what to do, and now you are already overwhelmed of how enormous the tasks that await you ahead? Or do you already have a blog, but it has already been a while and you have a little or no progress at all? Worry no more because you have found the right place to learn so that you will be assured of your success. Here are ways on how BloggersAcedemy.Org can help you get started in blogging.

Let’s look closer into these different phases of blogging so you could digest and easily understand why you should avail our services when you are starting out a blog.

Identifying your Niche

In business, a niche pertains to a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service. A niche in blogging means an easily identifiable area that your blog is focussed on. It pertains to a more specific topic that you will be discussing in your blog that could expand into different interrelated areas and that each of the articles that you will be creating are somehow related with each other.

As a blogger you should be able to align your blog to products and services that you can readily offer to your readers in order to make your blog an effective platform in offering related products and services. This will make your blog more profitable and successful. For example, you are into fishkeeping hobby. While giving tips on how to properly care for your pet fish, you could also offers some products like fish foods. Great! So, when identifying your niche, it could be helpful if you can create a simple niche structure that could help you also structure your blog.

Crafting your domain name

A domain name is your blog identity on the web. It is associated with a set of numbers called IP address so that when internet users type your domain name in the url box, the browser will be able to display your website or blog on the scrren of the device being used. For example, our domain name is At a first glance, you can identify the niche or topic of this domain name. That this blog is about learning how to create a blog.

Crafting your domain name is somewhat challenging nowadays because the main keywords are already readistered. So you need to craft at least 2 or more words already. You’re in luck if your preferred domain is still available for registration.

Choosing your Web Hosting Service Provider

A webhost is the provider of a limited space on the internet where you setup your blog and store your blog articles. There are thousands of webhost providers around the web so it must not be difficult to find one. But since webhost providers offer different ways in packaging their services you should be keen on what to choose. Some may offer smaller spaces while offering other add on services and others offer bigger space even you only need less to host your blog, yet you have to pay the space that you are not using.

One crucial feature that you should consider is security.  Of course everything comes with s cost.

So if you are a newbie, having a 1024 MB or 1 GB web space is already good enough for you to start. What usually consumes the web space of newbie bloggers are the pictures being uploaded during the design process. So to save space, make sure to always delete files that are not in use and optimize images for the web.

Speed is another thing. Nobody enjoys waiting for your blog to load. So make sure your webhost can provide at least a C grade on speed.

Setting up your Blog

Your domain has been purchased, you have your webhost ready, now, its time to setup your blog. For newbies this sound complicated. Of course, this part requires a bit of technical skills. If you decide to use CMS like WordPress or hardcode your blog, you need to dip your fingers on some codes. Most bloggers use CMS for convenience and fast result. To facilitate setup, your webhosting provider should be ready to help. At BloggersAcademy.Org, we assist newbies setup their blog for free! We can even do the setup and you can sitback and relax while you get ready to write your articles on your blog. You can have all the convenience when you tap our expertise.

Article Writing and SEO

A newbie blogger might have the best idea to write but if he is not familiar with how to make his article rank on the search result, the article cannot show up on the first page of the search. This is critical because visits depends largely on the search results. Therefore, article writing and “Search Engine Optimazation” (SEO) should be planned carefully to generate a high ranking article on search results. At BloggersAcademy.Org we see to it that our clients learn the techniques in article writing and SEO.

Increasing your Blog Traffic

With the popularity of social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Pinterest, and social messaging apps like Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, Line and others, there are tons of techniques that bloggers can employ to increase their blog readership and traffic. At BloggersAcademy.Org, we guide our learners to take advantage of these platforms to increase their readership and traffic, thus increasing their productivity and ultimately their income through their blog. We provide real time assistance as they go through their blogging journey. We schedule online webinars to cater to our client’s needs. This way, our clients can be assured of their success in blogging.

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Monetizing your blog

Now that you have already setup a blog, some articles have been written online and you have gotten the techniques to come up with a productive blog, it’s high time to benefit from your blog through monetization. Yes, it is possible to make money on the side through blogging. Many are doing it part-time to add to their monthly income and some are earning full-time through blogging. They do blogging as their freelance employment. The best part of it is that full-time bloggers manage their own time and determine their own load. If they want to finish more they can devote their time in a period that is manageable for them or take a vacation somewhere and enjoy while their blog is earning for them. How is that! Really, many bloggers have enjoyable lifestyles because they have been successful in their own niche. You too can do it. If you are passionate on something, capitalize on that and start blogging. If you cannot figure out yet, contact us for an online meeting so we could determine how to help you get started. Comment down below or contact us to schedule a free online meeting.

Maintaining your blog

Now that you have started a blog, what’s next? Well, blog maintenance! There are several problems that you might encounter while adding up articles, installing plugins and revising some layouts on your blog, especially if you are using WordPress as CMS platform. Code conflicts often happens that will disrupt your blog layout, reachability and online presence. With BloggersAcademy.Org on your side, you can’t go wrong in maintaining your blog.

Backing up your files

Backing up your blog and your articles is very crucial in blogging. There are times that you need to reinstall your blog or restore to an earlier state due to malwares, viruses and attacks. If you are not alert in backing up your files, your efforts might all be wasted if your blog will be compromised. So periodic backup is essential. Backup process can be complicated if you are not familiar with the frontend and backend of your blog. Over the years BloggersAcademy.Org have developed expertise on these technical areas.

Scanning your blog for viruses and malwares

Viruses and malwares cause site disruptions. Malwares can redirect your blog to malicious sites and viruses can infect your files. The worse thing is they could steal the income that should be due to you. When your blog is infectes with malware or viruses, it may cause downtime or even complete distraction. In cases like this, the best solution is regular scanning. With BloggersAcademy.Org as a mentor, it will be easy for you to do all the virus scanning and cleaning.

Blog reinstallation if needed

Worse comes to worst, you need to reinstall your blog. This will be the last resort when your blog is disrupted by code conflicts, malwares, viruses or hacking. If you are under our care, BloggersAcademy.Org can help you do it or can do it for you so that you will not have any problems at all anymore. With our expertise, you can have your blog back to its original state in just few minutes. After reinstallation, you can be sure that your blog will be good to go again in just a short downtime. This way your income won’t be affected that much.

So if you are intending to do a blog, think no more, BloggersAcademy.Org is a complete blogging assistant that you can trust to help you manage all the aspects of blogging. Contact us today!