Rank Number 1 in Google Search

In this article we will present six techniques that will make your article rank number 1 on Google search result. Read through the end of the article to learn how to implement them and attain your goal of ranking number 1 in google search result.

Use the right keywords to rank number 1 on Google search

Using the right keywords help your users find your article on the internet. With the right keywords, you are actually presenting a set of words that users are interested to read about. For example, if you want to blog about food that diabetic people should avoid you should be using keywords such as diabetic, avoid, and food. Using some other keywords would hamper the performance of your blog in the search competition. Remember that google will only offer you links that are actually related to your search. So, what right keywords are good for your article? Let us help you actually come up with the most effective keywords that you can use for your blog. Click here to learn more! Otherwise, continue reading through this article to learn and do it yourself.

Rank number 1 on Google search by creating an effective title

The title of your article will appear on the topmost line of the search result whenever your blog is fetched by the Google algorithm. Whenever the user sees it, will he be interested to click on it? What makes a title interesting to the user? You as the blogger should be able to answer these questions effectively by presenting a title that would persuade the searcher click on your title. Of course, it is easy to say it, but effective techniques would compensate the effort. At BloggersAcademy.Org we offer an effective SEO Online Coaching service that would maximize your learning in just a short time. Find out more about it. Contact us here. Here’s more technique that you can do.

Rank number 1 on Google search by making your blog description catchy and irresistible to click

Your blog description usually appears on the block that comes out on the search page if your blog or website got crawled by the search engine. As the user scans the search page, he actually reads at least the first line of the website description. If you are able to hold his interest on the first line, he would probably read through the whole of the description presented on the search result or click your ink immediately.  This is how an effective description help you create more traffic. But first, you should be able to bring your blog description up on the search whenever a search is called. We can walk you through step-by-step with our SEO Online Coaching service.

Rank number 1 on Google search by writing enough crawlable keywords in your article

Crawlers or spiders actually work to index your blog and store your blog information in a computer memory. Whenever asked, the search engine includes this indexed information bringing your link and description on the list of sites the search brings out. Therefore, the more meaningful keywords the better understanding the search engine have on your article. So having enough keyword would help push your article up on the search. Well, how much is enough? Of course, including significant keywords is a challenge to writers because they must be able to present this information in a way that will not appear redundant on the article. We have an article especially designed for this purpose. Click here to read about effective article writing.

Writing an article that answers the queries of the searcher

Whenever a user types a keyword on Google, he actually needs an answer. Your blog article should present an answer to the query. This should be carefully considered when you are writing an article. Whenever Google concludes that the answer to the query is presented on your article, it displays your link and article description. It is on how effective your first paragraph is to actually convince the user click on your article. So, whenever you are writing an article, make sure it presents values to the user. It should be able to satisfy the user’s query to be considered an effective article. The techniques on how to present a clear and coherent article is discussed in this article. Click the link to learn more.

Update your article periodically

Updating your article actually helps the search engine present a newer version of your article on the search result. Site descriptions on the search result usually includes the date when your site is updated. So, if your website has not been updated for a long time, this might present a connotation that the information contained on your blog is outdated. So, it pays to update your content once in a while, even you only present some simple revisions in order to satisfy the search algorithm.

There you have it the six techniques that you can implement in order to help your blog rank on the first page of the Google search engine. Make sure to use the right keywords, create an effective title for your article, make your description catchy and irresistible to click, write enough crawlable keywords, and update your article to be able to rank number one or at least show up on the first page of the Google search result.