Do you want people to buy your products, agree on your ideas, or patronize your events? Whether you market ideas, goods or events in your blog you need to sell like a Pro in order to accomplish your objectives. Here are steps that you can follow in order to sell like a Pro through your blog.

Present an Irrisistible Offer

Presenting an irrisistible offer is the lifeblood of blogging and online marketing. When we say irrisistible, we mean that your readers would only have one single option; that is to agree and buy your products. If you are able to present ideas as such, then 90 percent of your goal has already been accomplished in just a few lines of your presentation. There are four elements of an irrisistible offer, namely: catchy headline, captivating thumbnail, powerful video presentation and enlightening post. Or if you want to do this quick, book a coaching session now for only $20. We will help you setup your online offer on your blog.

Catchy Headline

Headlines are catchy when it attracts the reader to pause and read your blogpost. It is through stopping your visitor and make them interested in reading your post that you can present your offer.

Captivating Thumbnail

After having your visitor pause and read through the lines of your blog, it is vital for you to attract their fingers in order to click on that video presentation or page redirection.

Powerful Video Presentation

Many blog visitors are not so patient in reading. Therefore you need to offer an alternative on how they can go through your article. Video presentation is an effective alternative to reading. Carefully crafted video presentations would accomplish the objective of selling your idea or goods.

Enlightening Post

When posting an article, it is important that your readers would be able to clear their doubts and offer solutions to their problem at hand through the ideas or products that you are imparting to them. Readers are there on your blogpost because they see it as entertaining or offering solutions to their problems. So if you can target their needs, you can be sure that they will patronize your offer. Of course we know that not everybody can do techy things. So we want to help you setup you site. With just $20, you can finish your setup like a breeze. We will guide you from start to finish. Click the link to book an online coaching now.

Itemize your offer

Now that you have made your visitor stop by, then it’s time to itemize your offer. Itemize means being specific in your offer. If you are presenting a complex idea, it is better to chop the ideas into blocks and clarify each of it. By being specific, you help your readers identify the value of the individual item.

Rationalize your offer

People are rational. They need justifications in order to do something. This means that you need to be familiar with the benefits and advantages of your offer or product at hand. When your reader have gone this far in your article, you should be able to satisfy their queries. This bridges us to the next step which is to present testimonials.

Present Testimonials

The best evidence you can offer your readers is presenting actual people whom you have helped or who have benefited on your products and ideas. Testimonials boost their confidence in your offer thus, it will even strengthen their interest in your offer. Effective testimonials need to present evidences of success.

Show your Success Evidence

Success can be documented by evidences such as actual earnings or results of your endeavors. If you are offering an online blogging course for example, you yourself should have generated success in the niche that you are presenting.

Present a Captivating Artwork Summary

As you go along in your presentation, a captivating artwork summary would help your reader digest your offer through what they see. At this point, you can combine the highlights of your offer through images and illustrations that will even capture their interest.

Summarize and Itemize

Now, you need to be brief and present every item or highlights in your offer. If your offer is an online course, then you can summarize the benefits and each item should be presented clearly.

Make a Guarantee

Now, your reader is ready to purchase but he wants to be really successful and accomplish his objectives after giving in to your offer. Making a guarantee would give them more trust to click on the purchase button. You can offer a guarantee through offering a refund policy whenever they change your mind. Of course you need to be honest in your guarantee in order to maintain your good reputation. Refunds for example does not mean that you loose a client. After having refunded the money, you build even more confidence on them and the next time around you offer another or post something in your blog, they may come already and fulfill a purchase.

Repeat the Offer

At this point in time, your reader is already convinced, but you might be losing the confidence if you are not alert in popping up your offer again. Thus a repeat offer is needed. You can utilize the earlier offer on the page to make your reader or client purchase.

Itemize in Brief

Remind your reader or client what he/ she is getting in your offer. This way he will be reminded that what you are offering is the answer to his present problem.

Present Your Offer Again

Dont forget to reiterate your final offer. It may look redundant, but this final phase should accomplish your goal of selling a product or marketing your idea.

Always include a checkout button in every block.

In all the blocks of your offer, don’t forget to present an easy way to buy your product. Readers should not always finish reading your article before they decide to buy your product. Some shoppers click on that buy button even they have not read all the blocks in your article because they are already convinced of your credibility. So why don’t you distribute that simple easy to click button for your users to buy your product immediately wherever they are on your post?

So, there you have seen the simple steps how to sell like a pro in your blog. Have you learned something? Please share me your thoughts in the comment section below.