Setting up a WordPress blog is easy. Here are the steps in setting up your WordPress blog from scratch to finish.

Register a domain name

Your domain name serves as the address of your blog or website when people search it on the web. It’s like your home on the internet. Most websites use the name of their business as their domain name. You are lucky if your domain has not yet been registered nowadays. Most attractive single word domains have already been registered. So, if your domain is already taken, you can combine 2 or 3 words related to your business name, [or even has no relationship at all] then find out if it is still available for registration.

Rent a web hosting service

A web hosting service is actually renting a computer space and its related technologies that is connected on the web. Web hosting companies offer wide range of choices related to your needed computer disk space and bandwidth which determines how many visits per unit of time your website can handle. Web hosting providers usually offer the space, but you have to do the techy thing yourself. There are also third-party service providers that offer to handle the webhost itself and maintain it for the owner like what we do at Web hosting companies vary also in technologies installed in them. The most popular technologies for web hosting are cPanel and Plesk.

Installing through quick install in cPanel

If your webhost uses cPanel technologies, it usually comes with other technologies that will easily install your WordPress theme. Quick install is one application that does the WordPress site installation. Just click and follow the step-by-step procedure and you are good to go.

Installing through Plesk

If your webhost uses Plesk technologies, it also has easy to install functionalities where WordPress can be installed by just following the step-by-step procedure.

Manually installing WordPress

If your webhost does not have these technologies such as cPanel and Plesk, you can actually download WordPress from WordPress.Org then upload it manually on the web server. After uploading on the server, you can actually install it manually by accessing your domain name then following the step-by-step procedure provided by WordPress.

  • Downloading the WordPress files from WordPress.Org
  • Uploading the WordPress files in the root directory of your web host
  • Setting up WordPress database credentials
  • Installing a WordPress theme
  • Changing your WordPress theme
  • Customizing the header
  • Creating navigation menu
  • Creating pages
  • Adding a post
  • Installing plugins

There you have it the step-by step procedure in setting up a WordPress website or blog.

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