“To start a blog, you need the right niche for you, a domain name, a hosting service, a design template, and a burning desire in writing!” www.bloggersacademy.org can guide you start a blog in 2023.

Are you planning to start a blog, but you don’t know what to do and how to start it? You are in the right place. In this article you will learn step-by-step how to start a blog.

So, here are the steps on how to start a blog in 2023.

Choose a niche that is right for you

A niche denotes products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.   Choosing a niche that is right for you is a vital aspect in blogging. It would determine your success in creating a profitable blog. First and foremost, you would want a blog that you enjoy doing. Furthermore, you should have a vast knowledge and experiences in the niche you are aiming to do. If you do, you will not be hard up in creating articles for your blog. However, it doesnt mean that if you do not have enough experiences on a niche then you cannot create a blog about it anymore. Yes you can! But you need extra effort to put forth in researching about any topic you would want to write.

Choose a Domain Name

A domain name carries the address of your website on the internet. When a user types in your domain name in the url bar of the browser, it connects to the DNS server which points to the IP address of the computer where your files are stored. A domain name does not necessarily niche specific. Since the internet has already been populated with single word domains, the challenge now is on how to come up with a domain that is somehow related to your niche. The solution is combining two or three words that forms a relevant domain. Make sure that words you combine are still easy to remember and at least related to the niche. For example if you want the niche “blogging” you can combine words that are related to blogging and what service you offer. Our blog “bloggersacademy.org” can be easily discerned that it is all about teaching how to start a blog.

Register your domain name

After successfully coming up with a desirable domain name, it’s time to register it at a domain registrar. A domain registrar is a company whose business is to enlist domains that are unique and do not have any duplicate on the web. It maintains a database of registered domain names. After having registered your domain name, it will become yours and no one can use it online as long as it is actively registered under your name. Registration span could vary from monthly to annually, you can choose how long would you want your domain to be registered. After the period of its registration, it will expire and other people can register it online and you cannot use it anymore.

Rent a hosting service

A hosting service refers to a space in a computer connected to the internet which you are going to rent for a particular length of time. It is where you will be uploading the pages and files of your website.

Decide a blogging platform

Blogs and websites are made through different programs. A basic static website can be done through HTML and CSS. However, if you blog using HTML, then you should be able to read and organize HTML codes. For most bloggers nowadays, they use templated blogs. The most popular bogging platform is WordPress. Users install WordPress on their hosting service and enter their articles in the backend to upload them online. Other options are Joomla, Drupal and etc.

Choose a blog template

If you have chosen to use HTML and CSS you can actually use Bootstrap templates to create beautiful sites. However, most template comes with a cost. If you decide to use WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, most beautiful templates are Pro which means it comes with a cost too. There are free templates, but you need to be good in HTML PHP and CSS in order to modify them, which is not advisable for newbies. If you decide to do it yourself, your learning curve will be steep, and you need to spend very long time learning before you can actually setup a blog by yourself. This is the reason why BloggersAcademy.org offers packages that comes with setup, maintenance and tutorials for basically FREE. Talk with me to learn more on how to avail of these services or contact us here.

Setup your blog

Now that you have decided which template to use, it’s time to setup your blog. Well, it’s quite techy so you need loads of guts to be able to setup your blog. You have to work with domains, hosting service, web templates and codes depending on the language you choose. But if you are techy enough then this stage is a piece of cake. But for most newbies, this could be very challenging. This is the reason why BloggersAcademy.org offers all in packages including unlimited tutorials for newbies to be able to start blogging successfully.

Write and upload articles

Now that your blog has been setup, it’s time to write articles for your blog. You can write your articles both online and offline. It is recommended that when writing your articles, do it offline and use Word processing application. This way you can automatically have a backup of your articles. In cases when problems occur, you don’t need to worry because all documents are backed up. You can also format the texts so when you upload on WordPress the formatting will not be a problem anymore.  However, if you prefer to compose your article while online, there’s no problem. The formatting will be done real time so you could see the progress while you write. The only drawback is using your internet data. Make sure to always update your article to be able to save the changes made. Of course, when you finished writing, you can search for images that you can use for the featured images, or you can use your own pictures, which is more advisable in order to avoid copyright claims.

Enjoy blogging

So that’s it guys. After uploading your first article successfully, you will be more confident the next time you upload your next article. Now you can enjoy blogging! When blogging, you don’t need to worry about your articles. Just pour in your thoughts and ideas, write down what you think would help people in your niche. Make sure they get value from your blog so that they will read your articles. Remember, blogging is not just enjoying what you write, it is also offering value and even solutions to people’s problems. If you can capture the interest of your niche, then your blog will surely be patronized by your target readers.

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