Organic SEO is the lifeblood of blogging. Here are some techniques that you can employ in order to rank on the first page of the search engine.

Create a Topic Relevant to Your Niche

Your niche dictates the topics you should be writing on your blog. Unrelated topics are most likely not interesting to your target readers. When you have targeted relevant topics to your niche, it creates a domino effect on the articles you have on your blog. The reader will most likely click on other topics when they feel the succeeding topics are related.

Write Properly Targeted Keywords

Keywords are important factors in searching articles. Properly targeted keywords would bring out relevant articles to your queries. When a keyword is searched, it pulls out links that has been crawled by “search engine spiders”. This process is called search engine indexing. When a page is indexed, then it will be listed on the search database and ready to be pulled out when relevant searches are called. If your keywords are not relevant, your pages would never be indexed and will never rank on the search result.

Create an On Point Key Phrase

Keywords when combined together creates key phrases. Key phrases should be able to match search queries to be pulled up on the result. Properly coined key phrases targets search phrases used by internet surfers. On point key phrases should be able to mirror the search queries to pull up your page on the search result. When a question is asked on the search box the search engine algorithm searches the indexed pages and pulls up a page that it thinks contains the answer to the query.

Create a Search Specific Title

The combinations of keywords and key phrases may form a question or a title. When this question or title is rightly targeted it will match your article title and the possibility is for the search engine to keep it on its database. When the same search is asked, it will pull out your article. Search specific title means your title matches the search query.

Compare with Your Competitors

What you are doing is most likely what your competitors are also doing. So, what will be your edge over them? That what you should be finding out when checking out your competitors. But who are exactly your competitors and how would you know them? Our SEO Comprehensive Course reveals the techniques and walks you through on how to do it. Check this link to learn more or book a session here.

Organize Your Subheadings

Your topic requires you to create some subheadings. Subheadings serves as entries to your table of contents. Subheadings should be organized in such a way that it develops a coherent article. By just reading your table of contents, your reader should be able to see the trail to the answer to his questions. Articles are not necessarily very long. The most important thing is it should be able to satisfy the answer to the query at hand.

Write Persuasive Paragraphs

Persuasive paragraphs should be able to make your readers “nod” as they go reading through the lines of your paragraph. It should convince them that your article is the answer to their problem or to the question at hand. The challenge therefore is how to make sure that what you are writing are credible, true and gives solution to their questions. Well, first, your arguments should be undeniable. It should be based on facts and credible sources. It should also show some examples and models to convince the reader that what you were saying are true and correct. The sentences should be focused on the main idea of the topic sentence of your paragraph.

There you have it some organic SEO techniques that you can apply when writing your blog articles. When writing a blog article that would rank on the search result, your topic should be relevant to your niche, you should have created rightly targeted keywords and key phrases and your titles should be search specific. Furthermore, make sure that you have checked your competitors and found out what they are doing in their blog articles. Now you are ready to organize your subheadings then write your individual but connected and convincing paragraphs.

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