As a blogger, it’s essential to respect copyright laws and give proper credit when using copyrighted images on your website. Simply copying the copyright credit mentioned by another blogger may not be enough, as you need to ensure that you are using the image in accordance with the original copyright holder’s terms and conditions.

If the blogger you found used an image and provided credit to the original copyright holder, you can use the image on your website, but you must follow these steps:

  1. Verify the image’s copyright: Make sure that the image is indeed copyright protected and that the blogger had the right to use it with proper attribution. You can do this by checking the original source of the image to see if it is available under a specific license that allows free use or requires attribution.
  2. Obtain permission if needed: Some copyrighted images might be available for free use under certain licenses (e.g., Creative Commons licenses). In such cases, the license may specify whether you need to seek permission or give attribution. If permission is required, ensure you have it before using the image.
  3. Provide proper attribution: When using the image, provide a clear and accurate credit line. In this case, if Ed Martinez credited the image as “Photo: ©EDGAR MARTIN – BloggersAcademy.Org,” you should use a similar credit line. However, you may also want to include the name of the blogger and the article as a courtesy, such as “Image by Ed Martinez from Adobe Stock, as featured in the article ‘Respecting Copyright’ by Ed Martinez.”
  4. Link back to the original source: If possible, include a hyperlink to the original image source. This way, readers can access the original image and its source easily.
  5. Mention the license terms: If the image is available under a specific license, such as a Creative Commons license, you can mention the type of license it is, along with a link to the license details.

Remember that giving proper credit is not a substitute for obtaining permission if it is required. Always ensure you have the necessary permissions before using any copyrighted material on your blog to avoid potential legal issues.