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Should You Be Concerned About a Unique Personal Identity?

If a unique individual identity through a name is important for every creation, so much more for the Creator.

Having a unique identity is very important. It is important for animals, pets, birds, insects, plants and especially for people; you and me. Lets talk about several reasons why a personal identity or name is important for animals and plants.

  1. Identification: A name helps to identify and distinguish one animal, pet, bird, insect, or plant from another. This is especially important for research purposes, where scientists need to study and track specific species.
  2. Communication: Names make it easier for people to communicate about a particular animal, pet, bird, insect, or plant. Without a name, it would be difficult to refer to a specific species, and communication about them would be confusing and inefficient.
  3. Personalization: Giving a name to an animal, pet, bird, insect, or plant can help personalize it and make it feel more like a part of the family. This is especially true for pets, who often have names that reflect their personality or appearance.
  4. Conservation: Knowing the names of different species is essential for conservation efforts. Without names, it would be difficult to track populations, monitor biodiversity, and protect endangered species.
  5. Cultural significance: In many cultures, animals, pets, birds, insects, and plants have cultural significance and are often given names that reflect their importance in local mythology or folklore.

Truly, having a name is important for animals, pets, birds, insects, and plants for identification, communication, personalization, conservation, and cultural significance.

How about for people? Should we also be concerned of our personal identities or personal names?

Of course, people should be concerned about their personal identities because our personal identity is what makes us unique individuals, and it encompasses our personality, values, beliefs, experiences, and social roles. Here are some reasons why personal identity is important:

  1. Self-awareness: Being aware of our personal identity helps us understand who we are, what we value, and how we relate to the world around us. This self-awareness can help us make better decisions, set goals, and navigate challenges.
  2. Relationships: Our personal identity plays a crucial role in our relationships with others. It helps us establish connections with people who share our values and interests, and it also allows us to respect and appreciate people who have different identities.
  3. Well-being: When we feel comfortable and confident in our personal identity, we are more likely to experience a sense of well-being and fulfillment. On the other hand, if we are uncertain or confused about our identity, it can lead to feelings of anxiety and dissatisfaction.
  4. Social justice: Personal identity is also important in the context of social justice. Understanding and respecting different identities can help promote equality and justice for all individuals, regardless of their race and gender.

Really, personal identity is an essential aspect of our lives, and it is important to be aware of and value our unique identities. This identity is easily defined through a personal name. A message can never be received by the person whom you want to communicate with if the personal email address is not unique to him.

If then everything has to have a name, then do you think identifying the name of the True God whom a person should serve is also important? Many people thinks that it is not important for the True God to have a name, but is this even logical?

Lets look into the importance of identifying the name of the God that a person is serving.

  1. Clarity of worship: Knowing the name of the God that a person is serving can provide clarity in their worship. Different religions have different beliefs and practices associated with their deities, and knowing the name of the God they serve can help individuals understand their way of worship and how the connect with that their God.
  2. Cultural significance: In many cultures, the name of the God is an important aspect of religious practice. For example, in Hinduism, the different Gods have distinct names and attributes, and worshipping a specific God is believed to bring specific benefits. Similarly, in Christianity, knowing the name of God, such as Jehovah or Yahweh, is very important in understanding and connecting with the faith.
  3. Personal relationship: For some individuals, knowing the name of the God they are serving can help them feel a more personal connection to that deity. Addressing a God by name can help make worship feel more intimate and meaningful.
  4. Respect and reverence: In some religious traditions, knowing the name of the God and using it respectfully is seen as a sign of respect and reverence. This can help individuals feel more connected to the larger spiritual community and demonstrate their dedication to the faith.

There you have it the 4 reasons that we mentioned above why it is important to identify the God a person is serving.

Therefore, if it is important for a cat or insect or animals and humans to have a unique identity or name, then identifying the name of the God that a person is serving can be important for clarity of worship, cultural significance, personal relationship, respect and reverence. That unique identity should reflect the qualities of the True God as mentioned in the Bible. The Bible teaches that there is only One True God. It can never be many, and the Bible cannot fit to accomodate all the identities reflected in many religious teachings. There is only One God and that is what the Bible teaches.

As for me, I believe in the conviction of a man who served his God as written in the Bible. The Bible book of Joshua 24:14 and 15 states: 14 “Therefore, fear Jehovah and serve him with integrity and faithfulness, and remove the gods that your forefathers served on the other side of the River and in Egypt, and serve Jehovah. 15 Now if it seems bad to you to serve Jehovah, choose for yourselves today whom you will serve, whether the gods that your forefathers served on the other side of the River or the gods of the Amʹor·ites in whose land you are dwelling. But as for me and my household, we will serve Jehovah.”

How about you? Do you serve a nameless God? What’s the name of your God?