Windows can’t be installed on disk 0 partition 1: SOLVED

Have you been trying to reinstall your copy of Windows on your computer and have encountered this problem: “Windows can’t be installed on disk 0 partition 1“, or any other disks and partition on your computer? When this problem occurs, it’s like you cannot install your windows on your disk and maybe conclude that your hard drive is already broken! Well, you might decide to just replace your disk, or maybe call an IT technician who will surely charge you some bucks to do this easy job. In this guide, you will learn how to solve the problem; Windows can’t be installed on drive 0 partition 1 or any drive and partition you have on your pc. Here are the steps to do:

1. Press shift + F10 to go to the command prompt.

2. At the command prompt, type diskpart.

3. At diskpart> type list (don’t type the word “type”)

4. Select the disk where you want to install Windows by typing “disk 0” or any disk number on your pc where you want to install windows. Remember to change the “0” with your own disk number. For example:

DISKPART> select disk 0   (then enter) or

DISKPART> select disk 1 (then enter) in case you want to install windows in disk 1.

5. Now you have selected the disk, type the command “clean” then enter.

6. Now you should see “diskpart succeeded in cleaning the disk”

7. type “exit” to exit the command prompt.

8. Go back to install Windows then it should work correctly this time.

So there you have it the steps on how to install windows when you encounter the problem with the comment  “Windows can’t be installed on disk 0 partition 1″.

If you can’t still follow the steps, please drop me a message below and we will find a way on how can we help you. At bloggers, we find ways on how to help our clients the best we can. We can even walk you through the steps with a video call so you can be successful in solving your problem. Thanks for dropping by.


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